9 Oct

It takes 90 days to grow red blood cells. For those of you who have low ferritin levels and are trying to build more, it helps to take a few teaspoons of organic  apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day. If you’re not used to this taste you can sip it slowly with a meal or if you have *become one* with the taste, you can add Celtic sea salt to the mixture and drink it down first thing in the morning. (I do this)

Apple cider vinegar is also important to balance the acid / alkaline  levels in your system, especially when the weather starts to cool down. If you feel the twitch of a cold or flu coming on, the first thing you should do is take vinegar, several times a day.  This will often correct the levels and the flu won’t *getcha.*

Dr Jarvis on red blood cells:

“I wrote a doctor friend who as a hobby raises turkeys about my experience in
adding apple cider vinegar to the drinking water of chickens. He became
interested and decided to add the vinegar to the drinking water of his turkeys.
Later he reported to me the following observations:

When these turkeys were slaughtered and served as food the meat was found to be
unusually tender. When the bones of a newly slaughtered turkey were broken, it
was found that the bone marrow showed an increased redness, indicating a better
formation of red blood cells needed by the blood.”


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