4 Oct

Adult man with the “obese form” of hypothyroidism. Note the striking resoltion of his puffiness (myxedema) after treatment with desiccated thyroid. Myxedema is the medical term for hypothyroidism. Myx is the Greek word for mucin, which accumulates in hypothyroidism. Edema means swelling.
Above: A severely affected 14-year-old hypothyroid girl with puffiness around the eyes, thickened lips, depressed root of the nose (saddle nose), and straight, coarse hair. The second picture was taken after only 6 months of treatment with desiccated thyroid. Note the elevated bridge of the nose, brighter eyes, thinner lips, and glossy, curly hair. Her constipation had resolved and her appetite improved.
Adult woman with the characteristic puffiness that often accompanies hypothyroidism. Her puffiness and hair texture markedly improve after treatment with desiccated thyroid.
This is another example of the resolution of the puffiness (myxedema) following proper treatment of hypothyroidism with desiccated thyroid.
From the book “Hypothyroidism Type 2 “
by Mark Starr

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