3 Oct

Supplementing with iodine is important for all around general health but there are protocols to follow and side effects which may happen due to bromide related symptoms. It’s not unlike natural desiccated thyroid extract where you may have symptoms due to blocked receptors or nutrient deficiencies.

Below is a partial list of symptoms which may occur once iodine supplementation begins. Bromide is a toxic halide which is found in just about everything these days including bread in the US. They removed iodine from our bread in 1945 and replaced it with bromide. Bromide blocks our receptors so iodine cannot enter our system. When the iodine can’t enter, it may cause symptoms as described below. Unrefined sea salt, such as Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Rock salt along with  iodine, helps to kick the bromide out of the receptors so the iodine can absorb. The salt loading protocol is necessary to help this to occur. When these symptoms present, celtic sea salt needs to be ingested with plenty of filtered water to help resolve the symptoms. Generally speaking, these symptoms will subside with the everyday intake of salt and the iodine protocol.

It is suggested to start the salt loading protocol at least 2 weeks before starting iodine supplementation.  


Every day

400-800 Mgs Magnesium  

200-400 mcgs Selenium

1/2 teaspoon Celtic sea salt

3000-5000 mgs Vitamin C

For more information on Iodine, please see the sidebar for book suggestions and where to buy iodine. You may want to  join the iodine support group for more instructional advice. Comments on this and any post, always welcomed.  

Iodine-related bromide symptoms – just a few:

eye lid twitching
foot twitching
tingling in hands or feet
dark thoughts (e.g., there is no reason to live)
depression (e.g., there is no reason to get out of bed)
mouth and tongue sores and cuts or “sore mouth”
“different” acne,”bromide acne,” “acne-like eruptions” without “coniform.”(Some iodine
users found zinc helps bromide acne.)
skin “cuts”
hair loss
brain fog
leg and hip ache (feels like arthritis)
rash (bromaderma)
metallic  taste
sinus ache
cherry angiomas
runny nose
odd swallowing sensation (reported in old  medical literature as “swollenglottis”)
body odor (bromos is Greek for stench)
unusual urine odor
dry mouth
ureteral spasm, frequent urination (mistaken for urinary infection)
vision changes
increased salivation
dream changes
hormone changes
kidney pain
breast tenderness (transient symptom reported to resolve)



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